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Why I Need To Have My Own Flat

✔️ I could stay in for the whole day and no one would accuse me of being a sociopath.
✔️ I would shop for the groceries by myself and no one would be buying that gluten-full shit or yoghurts made of sugar.
✔️ I would always have a clean flat or messy the way I want it to be.
✔️ There would be no para-male pants lying everywhere. Just my stuff, my beautiful girly stuff.
✔️ I could host couchsurfers. Couchsurfers rock.
✔️ I could get roommates like in New Girl and this way be more like Zooey Deschanel, who is perfect.

Why An Own Flat Is A Bad Idea

✔️ Can’t see it but if there are any cons I don’t care!


Two Things I Realised I Desperately Need Just When I Saw Them So Probably I Do Not Need Them Bit They Seem Cool Anyways



Today’s unexpected success: taking a shower before midnight! Woohoo. Plus the Guru achievement in SimCity Societies. (Is there actually any expansion pack or what? Bc that’d be cool, like, really cool).

Quite exhausting day. The Sun was so freaking annoying, just constantly pissing me off with its shining and all that.
When it comes to the TH our team did well, I mean we were like the seventh to finish the race (ignoring the fact we were told it was not a race), so yeah. But who cares about the place? We had fun anyway.

After the hunt we went to my old school because Karol told us there was some fair with free food stands or something like that. I was quite hungry, I mean not really hungry because yesterday I’d eaten so much but I still had little pangs of hunger. However, the fair was already over and my mum wasn’t preparing anything for dinner because she went to Skepe. I didn’t really want to eat out so I decided to visit grandma.
Good ol’ grandma. It was good to hear from her again (topic number one, Jaruzelski). She also offered me some roasted chicken. Delish, I’m telling you.

Wishing it had started to rain, I got disappointed again. That Weather is a really tough opponent. I’m telling you.

So yesterday I just had this terrible day when I felt like eating whatever comes near me and I kept on eating and eating and eating. I wouldn’t even be able to tell what I’ve eaten (or I’d be too frightened to admit I’ve eaten twice as much as I weigh). Hence this morning I decided to start fresh and healthy.

What I put in my breakie bowl:
💜 natural yoghurt
💙 unsalted peanuts
💚 natural rice waffle (crumbled)
💛 strawberries
❤️ half an apple
💜 cranberries
And today’s hero:
💙 amaranth!

Now feeling full, but I think it’s kinda fault of yesterday’s binge. I’ll just have to get through this. May the odds, power or whatever be ever in my favour. Or not.

When it comes to today’s plans, the Treasure Hunt starts at 1 pm and then the BBQ at 3 pm. I think it’ll be fun. However, Karol totally cheesed me off because he said he was going to the hairdresser to get his hair blonded (yep, I just created a new word! Put it in your dictionary, Britons) instead of going to TH. Firstly, WHO gets their hair blonded? And secondly, I don’t want to be alone with those kids or eerie adults from FCE2. Just don’t.



Yesterday’s yoga was fine. Each class without a fart is a grand success, I guess?

Just ate 5/6, which equals to 0,8(3)%, of chocolate. Feeling chocolatey. Don’t know how I’m gonna survive the day with that huge block of cocoa mush in my stomach.

Gonna go in half an hour. The first class is German. God, I’m seriously NOT feeling like learning German right now. The bigger the gaps are, the less I want to learn it.

EDIT: The more chocolate I eat, the more of it I want.