So yesterday I just had this terrible day when I felt like eating whatever comes near me and I kept on eating and eating and eating. I wouldn’t even be able to tell what I’ve eaten (or I’d be too frightened to admit I’ve eaten twice as much as I weigh). Hence this morning I decided to start fresh and healthy.

What I put in my breakie bowl:
💜 natural yoghurt
💙 unsalted peanuts
💚 natural rice waffle (crumbled)
💛 strawberries
❤️ half an apple
💜 cranberries
And today’s hero:
💙 amaranth!

Now feeling full, but I think it’s kinda fault of yesterday’s binge. I’ll just have to get through this. May the odds, power or whatever be ever in my favour. Or not.

When it comes to today’s plans, the Treasure Hunt starts at 1 pm and then the BBQ at 3 pm. I think it’ll be fun. However, Karol totally cheesed me off because he said he was going to the hairdresser to get his hair blonded (yep, I just created a new word! Put it in your dictionary, Britons) instead of going to TH. Firstly, WHO gets their hair blonded? And secondly, I don’t want to be alone with those kids or eerie adults from FCE2. Just don’t.




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