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About half past midnight. I’m in my room (seriously, where else could I be? Except a tent somewhere in Sweden) and probably in nine hours I’ll officially pass the first year of high school, which came to be my last year in this school.
Hello, Sixth Form!
Ok, it’s a little bit too early. I have the whole summer holiday ahead.
Since I’ve already sat the FCE exam (today, it wasn’t bad, actually…), the only thing that worries me right now is the whole Baden-Powell thing. Some shit I’ve got to do and I don’t want to because I don’t give a shit about that shit.
Worrying is soooooo not cool. I’ve decided not to worry anymore, but apparently the world doesn’t want me to keep this resolution.
The world really keeps me away from living.
SO ironic.


A week of silence. Alright.

The trip to Sweden was awesome, except for myself getting sick after 6 hours of waiting for a train on Gdynia Główna rail station. That’s the reason why I didn’t go to school yesterday. However, I went there today – as it was the last day of actual classes in Poland IN MY LIFE – but after 3 hours the whole ‘class’ (well, there was about 10 people, so…) realized there was no point in sitting in school and we all went home. Yay.

In fifteen minutes I’m leaving for yoga class. Finally! During the last two days I felt sooooo bad I couldn’t even THINK about going outside.

And AS USUAL when I feel like writing something with sense I have to leave. Dammit.

Later I’ll show you what I’ve created on this really cool site,


Well, I know I haven’t written anything for a… well, pretty long time (in contrast to my previous posts). 

It’s not because I’ve forgotten about the ‘blog’ or something, I just thought that it isn’t actually twitter so I shouldn’t post such stupid stuff THAT often, so it was only for your own good – I didn’t want to drown you with the rubbish I make.

BUT it all isn’t important. What’s important is THE TRIP!

The trip on which I’m going tomorrow! And I’m still not packed! Woohoo!

Yes, I DO need to pack my things (best before my dad gets home, I don’t like him, so I don’t want him to be around). But firstly, I need to make a list of things to pack and ehh, really think it through, because I don’t wanna end up with sixty gazillions kilograms of stuff I don’t actually need, eg too many Tshirts or whatever. And without things I actually DO need. Eg money. Or a toothbrush. But I’ll still be hoping someone else’ll bring toothpaste. 

Bon voyage to me, and bon… vita to you?

Today(night?) I decided to take the matter into my own hands. What matter, you ask? The matter of my life.

I’ve decided to start with food.

Hey, making a plan of meals for just one week isn’t easy! You need to contain so much weird stuff, eg fibre, protein, carbs and vitamins… And just as every time I make ANY list, I feel like I’ve forgotten about something. Because I have. A couple days ago I bought a big pack of cornflakes, intending to eat them with milk for breakfast every day. Just as the Americans do. In the movies, ofc. Apparently cornflakes aren’t THAT valuable as I might have thought and they’re gonna have to wait for some time to get consumed. (Or maybe my brother will show them mercy and… you know. Consume).

Anyway, I have an amazaynfabulouisbrilliam weekly meal plan. Actually I’ve planned my meals until June 27 (including June 27, which is the day when I finish this stupid school, YAY). Obviously, I didn’t include meals for June 18-22, because WHERE AM I GONNA BE? 


So I’m just so happy that I finally made that plan. 
However, I didn’t plan meals for tomorrow. I just hope I won’t screw up.


Gonna go to sleep now, I need a few hours to not-be-a-zombie. (Don’t succeed anyway…)

I think the main reason why I’m so looking forward to studying in England is THE SWEETS. And what do I mean by this?

Wine gums, 1D mints, almond M&M’s, wine gums, peanut butter Snickers, wine gums, Cadbury, nked fruit bars, wine gums…

Seriously, I’ve gotta find some dealer from the UK to be sent packages of wine gums and other. Otherwise, I won’t survive this summer. I won’t.

I’m at school. Again. Unbelievable how fast time flies! I’d had so many days off school last months but they’re like invisible. Unfair enough.

It’s Polish. ‘Macbeth’. Haven’t read it since 2011, so I don’t get what the teacher’s saying (as always).

Reading ‘In bloom’ by Matthew Crow.

Going to yoga perhaps, but don’t feel like this at all.

We’re waiting for the gate opening at the Luton airport. Stupid Ben & Jerry’s vending machine! I KNEW it was somewhere, but we found it just after we consumed a cup of grapes from Pret A Manger. Now I feel rather sick, so yeah. However, I bought a book at WHSmith, so the flight isn’t going to be THAT boring.

We’re landing in Gdansk (shet) so we’ll be home about midnight or something. Don’t feel like I had energy for that. On our way to the airport I was sleeping but, obviously, it wasn’t enough. There is no such thing as ENOUGH SLEEP.