So yesterday I took that geography test. Holy heck, I had to write some industrial circles in Asia or whatever. I like Asia, but not in that aspect. Coal, bloody petrol. Sheeeeet.
Yoga was fine. The teacher apparently expects us to sing along with her this funny song karabakshi shatanabahama… Idk. I should think I’m never gonna learn this thing.
Today’s breakfast: exquisite, my lord. Fried egg with creamcheesed rice waffles and slices of tomato with company of excellent English breakfast tea (that I bought in Cambridge two years ago; God, time really flies). Now I’m sitting in the kitchen again nolifing on my phone. However, I’m doing really important stuff. I’ve already downloaded a few London-connected apps, like the Tube map, traffic view or London Girls (it’s a dress-up game, not a hook-up app). Shet, I’m really going to London. In two days. I can’t believe it.
I have to prepare, on Merlin’s beard!


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