Mission accomplished!

Almost all thanks to my mum. She printed the card again, filled (she knows the years of my injections by heart, that’s weird) and even wrote the form teacher’s opinion. I took it to the secretary, but it was closed, so the deputy headmaster sent me to the accountant and she have me that stamp which is stupid but always necessary and if you don’t get it you’d probably be dead. Finally, I went to that office above Biedronka and gave the card back.
Yay. I’ve done so much good for other people today.

So it’s Wednesday. I have to plan what to pack and pack and plan the trip and all but I feel only like playing The Sims.
What should I do?

Yep. I agree.

Btw, before you go have a look at my awesomezaynfabulouisharryextraniallbrillIam hairstyle! It came out if nowhere. I mean, it’s made out of my hair, but I am so pleased with it I can’t even believe how good I look.
Ok, I’ll stop admiring myself because only I do that.
Going now.



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