Today(night?) I decided to take the matter into my own hands. What matter, you ask? The matter of my life.

I’ve decided to start with food.

Hey, making a plan of meals for just one week isn’t easy! You need to contain so much weird stuff, eg fibre, protein, carbs and vitamins… And just as every time I make ANY list, I feel like I’ve forgotten about something. Because I have. A couple days ago I bought a big pack of cornflakes, intending to eat them with milk for breakfast every day. Just as the Americans do. In the movies, ofc. Apparently cornflakes aren’t THAT valuable as I might have thought and they’re gonna have to wait for some time to get consumed. (Or maybe my brother will show them mercy and… you know. Consume).

Anyway, I have an amazaynfabulouisbrilliam weekly meal plan. Actually I’ve planned my meals until June 27 (including June 27, which is the day when I finish this stupid school, YAY). Obviously, I didn’t include meals for June 18-22, because WHERE AM I GONNA BE? 


So I’m just so happy that I finally made that plan. 
However, I didn’t plan meals for tomorrow. I just hope I won’t screw up.


Gonna go to sleep now, I need a few hours to not-be-a-zombie. (Don’t succeed anyway…)


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