Monthly Archives: July 2015

One Year Passed

Ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s so funny.

So I’m finally home (since 4 am yesterday) and I’m ill, and I feel terrible, I’ve got a headache and sore throat but I’ve got cinema tickets for 12.20 pm and I need to pick them up 30 minutes before the movie so I need to be leaving in about two hours and I really can’t be bothered to do that. (This isn’t the funny bit).

The funny bit is that I turned on my computer and thought — hm, I want to start a blog about rubbish — and I started wondering whether I should do it on Blogspot or WordPress so I went on WordPress and I realised I already have a blog on this platform. And I looked at it and I read my last post — far enough, I remember Joe said that it wasn’t bad so I was glad — but the one before it was written exactly one year ago. 365 days ago. It was a Tuesday, 8th July, and I was going to Gdynia on a train to see Olivia but when I was halfway between my city and her city she texted me and said she can’t meet me because she’d gone somewhere with her parents, and I was like WTF. Thanks sis. But I still had a quite nice day because Gdynia is a nice place and I went to the beach (which isn’t anything special to me anymore; might become special in about a month, when I start missing my school. Actually, I already miss it. And I miss people I might not see ever again because, for example, they live in some stupid place called America. We’ll see in August).

I’m getting my AS exam results in a bit more than a month. It’s not like I particularly cared because I can’t change them now. I hope it’ll turn out alright so the teachers are not angry at me in September. I’m Senior Prefect from now on so I need to stay with them on speaking terms!

I hope you’ll have a great summer, friends. Don’t get fat.