Going to Plaza to get new shorts (hopefully, I’ve got only one pair and they’re too loose and it’s so hot outside and inside omg). Feeling soooo bad with my stomach…


I’m at school. Again. Unbelievable how fast time flies! I’d had so many days off school last months but they’re like invisible. Unfair enough.

It’s Polish. ‘Macbeth’. Haven’t read it since 2011, so I don’t get what the teacher’s saying (as always).

Reading ‘In bloom’ by Matthew Crow.

Going to yoga perhaps, but don’t feel like this at all.

We’re waiting for the gate opening at the Luton airport. Stupid Ben & Jerry’s vending machine! I KNEW it was somewhere, but we found it just after we consumed a cup of grapes from Pret A Manger. Now I feel rather sick, so yeah. However, I bought a book at WHSmith, so the flight isn’t going to be THAT boring.

We’re landing in Gdansk (shet) so we’ll be home about midnight or something. Don’t feel like I had energy for that. On our way to the airport I was sleeping but, obviously, it wasn’t enough. There is no such thing as ENOUGH SLEEP.

Just woken up, 7.26 am here in London. (Due to a terrible contraction). Can’t believe what happened last night. I am the luckiest person in the world! I have the best around me and I couldn’t get anything better than that.

Gonna go to sleep now. It’s 2:26 am here in London. Packing. Asia, remember. Remember.

OOPS, sorry, should’ve I said ‘Harry’?

Gnight or I’ll die.

I can’t sleep. Love is making me so excited.

I know I’ve commited a terrible terrible crime and I haven’t written anything for TWO DAYS, omigosh! However, I have to tell you that I haven’t slept well for at least three days, because I went to sleep after 2 am, and today(night) it’s going to be the same, but this is worse now, ’cause in the morning I’ll have to pack all of my things and then go to the airport. So I have to be well packed. Idk if I’m gonna do this if I am such a zombie.

I’m not really able to put words together because the concert finished about 3 hours ago so OH MY GOD OH MY GOD IVE SEEN THEM LIVE OH MY GOD BUT ITS OVER MY LIFES LOST ITS SENSE etc.

Concerts are actually a quite educational thing. You experience something so you have to think, when you think you’re shaping your views and opinions and all that stuff. They also help you with dreaming.

(Well now I’m ashamed because I wasn’t supposed to put anything philosophical in this blog but I feel like Socrates probably because, you know, loads of new experience).

One thing I am sure I learnt thanks to this lovely One Direction concert is that the point of my life is to be Harry Styles. I mean, seriously, is there anything more perfect on this world? No there isn’t. So I’ll be Harry Styles.


That person who invented this, yeah, you, you’re a DUMB ASS. You’re so insensitive, you don’t care about other people having their hands burnt or freezes by the stupid water from the stupid taps.

Maaaaan. It’s 7.14 here in London. I was so stupid and I set the alarm for 8, but I’d forgotten that I hadn’t changed the time from Warsaw to London. So we’re terribly sleepy and I don’t know how we’re gonna survive the day after 5 hours of sleep! Bloody hell. Maybe we’ll take a nap on the grass in the Hyde Park…

Sitting in the underground, trying to get home. I mean, our hostel. The Tube closes in ten minutes so I hope we won’t have to stroll through half of London in the middle of the night.
There are soooo many improvement works and the Tube is totally messed up. Don’t go to London right now.
However, we found Cinnabon and got ourselves two huge buns (chocobon and pecanbon, GOOD LORD). Now I need more. More. More.
Tomorrow, for sure. And the day after tomorrow. And…