One Year Passed

Ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s so funny.

So I’m finally home (since 4 am yesterday) and I’m ill, and I feel terrible, I’ve got a headache and sore throat but I’ve got cinema tickets for 12.20 pm and I need to pick them up 30 minutes before the movie so I need to be leaving in about two hours and I really can’t be bothered to do that. (This isn’t the funny bit).

The funny bit is that I turned on my computer and thought — hm, I want to start a blog about rubbish — and I started wondering whether I should do it on Blogspot or WordPress so I went on WordPress and I realised I already have a blog on this platform. And I looked at it and I read my last post — far enough, I remember Joe said that it wasn’t bad so I was glad — but the one before it was written exactly one year ago. 365 days ago. It was a Tuesday, 8th July, and I was going to Gdynia on a train to see Olivia but when I was halfway between my city and her city she texted me and said she can’t meet me because she’d gone somewhere with her parents, and I was like WTF. Thanks sis. But I still had a quite nice day because Gdynia is a nice place and I went to the beach (which isn’t anything special to me anymore; might become special in about a month, when I start missing my school. Actually, I already miss it. And I miss people I might not see ever again because, for example, they live in some stupid place called America. We’ll see in August).

I’m getting my AS exam results in a bit more than a month. It’s not like I particularly cared because I can’t change them now. I hope it’ll turn out alright so the teachers are not angry at me in September. I’m Senior Prefect from now on so I need to stay with them on speaking terms!

I hope you’ll have a great summer, friends. Don’t get fat.


What A Seventeen Year Old Thinks About Her Children

And I need you to stop now. Stop thinking I have my own children. I don’t.

I am not criticising anyone who is seventeen and has children; seriously, I don’t give a damn about whether you have kids or not. We are too often convinced that children define us and make us completely different people than we were before. This should not be true. Reproduction is just one of seven basic life processes; it’s the same as breathing, eating or getting rid of waste. And you can’t tell me that taking a shit changed your whole personality.

You happened to have children – alright. You had to be grounded for nine months, give birth which might have freaked you out a bit and you gained new responsibilities. But the only thing that really changed is that your genealogic tree is bigger now. Well done, you’ve produced a genetically similar offspring organism!

Not to go too much off topic – let’s go back to my children. By my children I obviously mean my future children. The awesomest, smartest, best-looking kids in the whole world. Isn’t it what everybody thinks about their future kids? You see a picture of a really cute child, probably dressed as a smaller version of a movie character (Harry Potter, YES) and you automatically say ‘my kid’s gonna be like that.’

I think I can say it in the name of most of the teenagers – I want to raise my child to be the version of me I couldn’t become. Plus, I would be the parent I wanted my parents to be. The coolest parent on the Earth, who lets her children stay up late playing games on xbox, fills the fridge with food and treats and doesn’t moan about bad grades. After all, grades don’t determine intelligence. They just show how well you can read in your teacher’s mind. Or on how lucky you were on that particular day.

But before I started talking about children I should have mentioned that I don’t want to have children. At least my own ones. The visions of having a globe instead of a belly or several hours’ long unbearable pain do not tempt me at all. There are so many women who got pregnant by accident and are not ready to raise a baby. Why would we make even more children when there are plenty unwanted ones, just waiting for someone who will take care of them? If we can recycle anything, we can recycle humans as well. (I really wish it didn’t sound that heartless.)

There are only two cons of adoption – firstly, my incredible genes wouldn’t be passed to the next generation. Nobody wants an ugly child and how am I supposed to know whether my kid, when it grows up, is going to be as beautiful as me? (At least as beautiful as me. I am not the Evil Queen, I can share awesomeness.) Secondly, I’m not sure how exactly it works but the best part of having a kid is choosing the name. What if your one already has a name? An important part of creating your own human being is gone. Note to remember: always get the kid without a name.

So this is what I think about my children: they will not exist. I might eventually adopt one (or two or three), but I am not going to carry it with me everywhere for nine months and pretend I feel so happy about expecting a baby. I would get my husband to do it, but he would probably refuse. For some reason. Eh, men.

In case anyone was interested (I doubt it) or wanted some inspiration, I will put here a spider diagram about my imaginary child which would be the awesomest kid in the whole universe. Thanks to its tremendous mother, obviously. Enjoy.

So… the summer’s gone.
I mean, not the astronomical summer, it’s still with us. But the holidays are nearing to their end.

And the end of holiday means the beginning of THE SCHOOL!
Which is bloody amazing, I guess. I haven’t been there yet, but I know I’m going to spend there 2 years.
Just 2 years… I can only imagine, what is going to happen after then.
UCL? Other foreign university? Or maybe a dangerous, yet loaded with fantastic experiences gap year?
I don’t know. For now, I just want to get to FH (with Olivia – that won’t be difficult, will it?).

On my way to Gdynia. God, it’s so damn hot in this train. But it’s just 2.5 more hours. Yay.
No, really, I’m glad I’m going to meet my schoolmate-to-be. And I hope I’ll see the sea btw. It’s always cold.

About half past midnight. I’m in my room (seriously, where else could I be? Except a tent somewhere in Sweden) and probably in nine hours I’ll officially pass the first year of high school, which came to be my last year in this school.
Hello, Sixth Form!
Ok, it’s a little bit too early. I have the whole summer holiday ahead.
Since I’ve already sat the FCE exam (today, it wasn’t bad, actually…), the only thing that worries me right now is the whole Baden-Powell thing. Some shit I’ve got to do and I don’t want to because I don’t give a shit about that shit.
Worrying is soooooo not cool. I’ve decided not to worry anymore, but apparently the world doesn’t want me to keep this resolution.
The world really keeps me away from living.
SO ironic.

A week of silence. Alright.

The trip to Sweden was awesome, except for myself getting sick after 6 hours of waiting for a train on Gdynia Główna rail station. That’s the reason why I didn’t go to school yesterday. However, I went there today – as it was the last day of actual classes in Poland IN MY LIFE – but after 3 hours the whole ‘class’ (well, there was about 10 people, so…) realized there was no point in sitting in school and we all went home. Yay.

In fifteen minutes I’m leaving for yoga class. Finally! During the last two days I felt sooooo bad I couldn’t even THINK about going outside.

And AS USUAL when I feel like writing something with sense I have to leave. Dammit.

Later I’ll show you what I’ve created on this really cool site,


Well, I know I haven’t written anything for a… well, pretty long time (in contrast to my previous posts). 

It’s not because I’ve forgotten about the ‘blog’ or something, I just thought that it isn’t actually twitter so I shouldn’t post such stupid stuff THAT often, so it was only for your own good – I didn’t want to drown you with the rubbish I make.

BUT it all isn’t important. What’s important is THE TRIP!

The trip on which I’m going tomorrow! And I’m still not packed! Woohoo!

Yes, I DO need to pack my things (best before my dad gets home, I don’t like him, so I don’t want him to be around). But firstly, I need to make a list of things to pack and ehh, really think it through, because I don’t wanna end up with sixty gazillions kilograms of stuff I don’t actually need, eg too many Tshirts or whatever. And without things I actually DO need. Eg money. Or a toothbrush. But I’ll still be hoping someone else’ll bring toothpaste. 

Bon voyage to me, and bon… vita to you?

Today(night?) I decided to take the matter into my own hands. What matter, you ask? The matter of my life.

I’ve decided to start with food.

Hey, making a plan of meals for just one week isn’t easy! You need to contain so much weird stuff, eg fibre, protein, carbs and vitamins… And just as every time I make ANY list, I feel like I’ve forgotten about something. Because I have. A couple days ago I bought a big pack of cornflakes, intending to eat them with milk for breakfast every day. Just as the Americans do. In the movies, ofc. Apparently cornflakes aren’t THAT valuable as I might have thought and they’re gonna have to wait for some time to get consumed. (Or maybe my brother will show them mercy and… you know. Consume).

Anyway, I have an amazaynfabulouisbrilliam weekly meal plan. Actually I’ve planned my meals until June 27 (including June 27, which is the day when I finish this stupid school, YAY). Obviously, I didn’t include meals for June 18-22, because WHERE AM I GONNA BE? 


So I’m just so happy that I finally made that plan. 
However, I didn’t plan meals for tomorrow. I just hope I won’t screw up.


Gonna go to sleep now, I need a few hours to not-be-a-zombie. (Don’t succeed anyway…)

I think the main reason why I’m so looking forward to studying in England is THE SWEETS. And what do I mean by this?

Wine gums, 1D mints, almond M&M’s, wine gums, peanut butter Snickers, wine gums, Cadbury, nked fruit bars, wine gums…

Seriously, I’ve gotta find some dealer from the UK to be sent packages of wine gums and other. Otherwise, I won’t survive this summer. I won’t.